YogTowers for charity

YogtowersBrittish Youtubers the Yogscast are currently raising funds for OXFAM, a vibrant global movement fighting poverty.

To support this great initiative I’ve drawn this illustration, showing their efforts during their entertaining livestreams, broadcasted from the Yogscast’s office known as Yogtowers. 

The original artwork was auctioned out and the earnings (£ 208) was donated to Honeydew’s Honeydrive, supporting Oxfam’s Plan Bee and 365 Emergency Response charities.

Plan Bee provides training and a workshop for the manufacture of modern beekeeping equipment for Ethopian families. It will open up new jobs and allow beekeepers to earn a better living for their families.

365 Emergency Fund is a specialised project dedicated to aiding  emergency situations worldwide. Oxfam responds to around 25 situations worldwide at any one time.

The artwork is featured at the exhibition Game Art at the National Museum of Science and Technology,  2/2 – 21/4 2013.  http://www.tekniskamuseet.se/1/4829.html


Original artwork:

farmer Sjin original1000Lewis bee costume

Hannah_owl_grayscale farmer drunkan original1000Strippinmartynsparkles









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  1. First bids are in and Sjin takes the lead.

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